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(a) Donor

1. As a donor, you can make our “Girl Action Education Program” scheme for poverty eradication a dream come true through your generous contribution. Every year, when the fund produces a 50% growth, numerous girls are bound to benefit from this scheme for a lengthy period of time because the money you give as donation stays ‘alive’ and only what it produces goes away to the beneficiary each time.

2. Also, as a donor you can help the extremely poor groups to get to the first rung of development ladder by boosting their shares. In some areas in Kenya, people go to bed hungry for many days (according to the statistics released by the Poverty Eradication Commission of Kenya, poverty stood at 46% in 2005/2006- and this result had not anticipated the post election violence of 2008). With donor funds, nearly 17 million people living in poverty in Kenya can be given hope through the Table Banking scheme. And just like the “Girl Action Education” scheme, the money will stay ‘alive’ to continue boosting shares for the in-coming poor groups who are unable to transact business for lack of money for saving and borrowing.

(b) Investor

As an investor, you can make money while creating wealth for the poor. Unlike most investments, this particular one will distribute profits to all the parties involved.

Be an important part of the solution for children in Kenya, but especially for the women and girls.  Table Banking is a strategy that works because it also involves the recipients directly in helping themselves with the money.

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