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Solidarity House CBO currently has two types of education programs:

1. Girl Education Action Program

2004 and 2006 President and Mrs. Bush convened a World Literacy Symposium at the opening of the United Nations annual session. The purpose of this symposium was to heighten the awareness of the problem of illiteracy around the world. More than 700 million adults cannot read or write. Most of those who are illiterate are women both teenagers and adult women. These persons are also the most vulnerable, especially the preteen and teenage girls. Because of being deprived an education, they often turn to prostitution or sold into slavery by their families. Girls who are educated have better life. Further through the program of table banking that is out above, they can be equipped not only with an education, but training and an opportunity to start their own business and become finally independent. When a person learns to read and write, a whole new world opens for them.

Eight vulnerable girls are currently benefiting from this program—from Meru Primary School, DEB Primary School, Irinda Primary School, and Kiraria Primary School.

2. Blessed to be A Blessing Scholarships (BABS)

Even with the introduction of free primary education by the Kenyan government in 2003, not all children attend school. Though figures may vary according to available data, conservative estimates indicate that only 30% of young people achieve the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), and of these only half complete the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Moreover, half of these students often miss out on admissions to universities.

While education is supposed to play a greater role in bridging the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, the education system in Kenya is seemingly doing just the opposite.

According to former Kenya Ministry of Education Secretary Professor James Ole Kiyapi, we are creating a system of social apartheid,” which only the rich can access. “Our education system is fundamentally flawed,” he warns.”We are condemning our children…”

To most parents, the biggest challenge remains the tuition cost. It is for this reason that Solidarity House is partnering with Karibuni Onlus, a not-for-profit organization based in Italy, to provide scholarships under its Blessed to be a Blessing scholarship program (BABS). The program provides scholarships to high achieving students in both primary (to enable them to join secondary school) and secondary schools (to enable them attend university). Through BABS, it’s hoped that once the students are “blessed” they will also become a blessing to someone else in a needy community, thereby becoming a Solidarity House Peace Ambassador. (We believe that peace is a prerequisite for sustainable development).

Ten students are currently benefiting from this program—2 in the university and 8 in secondary schools.

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Education programs

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Education programs

Donating school uniforms and other personal effects to 8 children (underprivileged) from DEB, Meru, CCM Irinda, and MCK Kiraria primary schools. The initiative is called the Girl Education Action through table banking, which is aimed at improving girls' literacy in Kenya.

BABS Beneficiaries


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