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                  Message from the Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Dear Solidarity House Partners & Supporters:

I send you greetings from Kenya. I want to tell you our ongoing plans to establish programs that will relieve the suffering of so many poor people here in Kenya where almost half the population--46%-- earn less than one dollar a day.

As most of you already know, the purpose of these programs is to empower those that have long been marginalized, especially women and youth, with a view to fully engaging them toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Understandably, peace and security, which are among the principal agendas of the United Nations, can be realized in the world if, among other measures, we can get rid of global poverty.  On implementation, Solidarity House has selected projects that will have the capacity to sustain themselves at some point; not to depend on Aid all the time (please take note of our innovative concept of Table Banking and girl action education projects in this respect).

Our target groups will be people who are marginalized and vulnerable like women, youth, orphans, and slum dwellers. A vast majority of people falling under these categories are extremely poor; most of them have fallen in the ‘poverty trap’ such that they are now too poor to live.

This is what prompted me to establish a board comprising of five volunteer members with an interest in reaching out to this population. In the board we have a certified public accountant, an administrator (former town clerk), former high school teacher, clergy, and a humanitarian professional.

Solidarity House Projects for Implementation:

1. Table Banking Services for Social-Economic Empowerment

2. Education Programs:

  (a) Blessed to be a Blessing Scholarship (BABS)      (b) Girl Education Action Institute (in progress)

3. Community Bank

4. Free Financial literacy Clinic

5. Rural Mobile Banking (RMB) with table banking

Solidarity House has sent out a proposal for the Girl Action Education program support, but we haven't received a positive response yet. Locally, the government is slow in providing support to particularly the Table Banking Services; however, we expect to receive the support once the project rolls out to other counties countrywide. 

Since we do not have outside support, we are still carrying out the Table Banking Services because it has a self-sustaining component in that we train groups which are able to contribute savings and how to manage and invest their funds (wealth creation) as we wait for external support to boost their earnings.  

You are welcome to participate in this noble cause by way of donation or by volunteering with us.

Yours very truly   

Dickson David Ntwiga

Chief Executive Officer  

Solidarity House CBO  

© 2014  Solidarity International

We exist to help those in Kenya afflicted by poverty.

We do so through the provision of education and by encouraging the formation of self help groups to provide foundations for local economic prosperity.

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